The Sun enters the supernatural sign of Scorpio on 23rd October, marking the start of spooky season.  Scorpio season teaches several valuable lessons that can help us grow and evolve.  Read on to discover the gifts to be gained & how you can harness Scorpio’s transformative energy.


Emotional Depth

Scorpio doesn’t do shallow – it encourages you to dive into the depths of your emotions and understand them on a deeper level.  It’s an aligned time to sit with whatever you’re feeling, however challenging.  Allow yourself to feel it to heal it.

Exploration of Intensity

Time to get honest with yourself and your loved ones…  Scorpio invites us to excavate our own internal landscape as well as connect with others on a more profound way.

Embrace transformation

Scorpio can teach us that change is not only inevitable, but essential for personal growth and evolution.  In what ways are you ready to re-invent yourself?

Shadow work

It’s an aligned time to confront the darker aspects of yourself; the parts that you try to bury or gloss over.  Bring them into the light to integrate and be whole.

Intuitive wisdom

There’s a reason it’s called witchy season – energetically there’s a turning inward; you’re encouraged to tap into your intuition, your inner wisdom.  The more you practice this, the more you’ll trust your instincts when making important decisions.

Letting go – Death/Rebirth cycle

One of the biggest lessons of this time of year is the importance of letting go of what is no longer working for you, be it bad habits, old patterns or beliefs, or relationships.  Through this death of the old you, you create space for all the wonderful new things you’re calling in.  By letting go of all that was weighing you down, you emerge lighter, ready to rise.


Do it yourself – healing practices for Scorpio sxn

There are many practices that can help you to work with the energy of Scorpio season.

As the associated element is water, the simplest way to connect is to spend time near a body of water, or better yet plunge into it’s depths!  If that sounds a bit dramatic for you, a long soak in the bath while you reflect on some Scorpionic themes is just as beneficial.

Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Frankincense are wonderful to support Scorpio’s healing.

More of a journaller?  Here are some reflective journal prompts for Scorpio season:

– What parts of myself/my life do I avoid thinking about?

– What in my life needs to die to make space for the new?

– How can I deepen my relationship to myself? To my partner/loved ones?

Wishing you a transformational Scorpio season!

Basma xxx