What is Human Design and why do I need to know about it?

Have you heard of Human Design? There’s a good reason why it’s gaining popularity.  Over the past few years we’ve collectively faced huge changes & challenges to our lives and working habits.  The cultural paradigm shift is driving us to seek ways to better understand ourselves.  To figure out what truly matters.

We’re starting to ask – “How can I live my happiest and most fulfilled life?”.

Human Design offers a holistic framework for self discovery and personal development. It’s fair to say that it’s a bit out there! However, if you can suspend judgement for long enough to try it out, it may actually change your life.

The Human Design system is a fusion of:

  • Astrology
  • Chakra system
  • I Ching
  • Kaballah tree of life
  • Quantum mechanics

It’s thought that at the time of birth, we’re encoded with cosmic information that passes through us by sub-atomic particles called neutrinos.  This data determines our energetic body, personality and life purpose.

You don’t need to believe in anything, and it’s not linked with any religious belief.

What does a Human Design reading involve?

You will need to know your date, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, you can still have a reading, we can try entering a few different times to find a match.

This information creates your Human Design chart or bodygraph. It looks something like the picture above, an outline of a seated body, with coloured or white shapes (chakras or centres) connected by channels (tree of life). The boxes in each centre are called gates, containing numbers from the I Ching.

Curious to see your Human Design chart? Get it FREE here.

Lots to think about, right?! It’s easy to fall down the Google rabbit hole when you first find Human Design. There’s a whole load of information at your fingertips and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

If you’re new to Human Design, I can help break down the information in your chart to make it easy for you to digest!

With an Essentials Human Design reading, you will discover your unique:

Energy type – How you are here to interact with the world

Strategy – How to most effectively work with your energy type

Authority – Your unique inner guidance system that helps you make aligned decisions

Self vs Not self – How to know if you’re in alignment with your design

Personality profile – How the world sees you vs how you see yourself

Centres, gates & channels – Your gifts and challenges

Life purpose – What you are here to share in this lifetime

PLUS – Practical hacks for your design

Self acceptance through Human Design

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself. To hide certain parts of you to fit in with the crowd.

When you see yourself through the lens of Human Design, it suddenly all makes sense. It gives you a deep understanding of your personality traits, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses.

Self development through Human Design isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about unlearning who you thought you were meant to be so you can become more of who you were born to be.

When you begin your Human Design experiment, you appreciate what makes you different rather than wishing that you were the same as everyone else.

As you learn to feel comfortable in your body, the connection between your mind and body strengthens. You feel more whole, integrated; the definition of healed.

This is the paradox of personal growth – it begins when you learn to love & accept yourself as you are.

When you realise what’s true for you:

  • Life instantly becomes less of a struggle to keep up
  • Comparisonitis becomes a thing of the past
  • You learn to embrace your fullest, most authentic self.

If you’ve been asking yourself –

“How can I be happy?”

“What can I do to be more productive?”

“How can I learn to love myself?

“How do I get clarity in my life?”

It may be a good time to explore your Human Design. Many clients have informed me that having a Human Design reading is a transformative experience. As one client reported –

All these years I’ve been so hard on myself. I understand now that it’s just who I am!

If it feels like the right time for you to delve deeper into what makes you you, book an Essential Human Design Reading now.