So you’re new to Human Design and curious to understand your energy type?  Want to know exactly how your energy type determines your strategy?  Read on!

There are 5 energy types in Human Design, each making up a varying proportion of the population.  Most people are either Generators or Manifesting Generators (around 70% of the population).  Next we have Projectors who make up around 20% of the population, followed by Manifestors making up around 10%.  Reflectors are super rare; around 1% of the population.

Understanding and embodying the archetype of your Human Design energy type allows you to follow the correct strategy, essentially allowing you to find more ease and less resistance in your life.

The biggest clue is in the names.  Generators literally create life force energy, Projectors focus their energy onto others, Manifestors create and initiate and Reflectors mirror back to the rest of the collective.

Knowing how your unique aura or energy field interacts with the world can really help you to understand yourself better.  It also allows you to make sense of your strategy type.  In this blog, I’ll share a little about the aura of each Human Design energy type, and how it explains your strategy.


Your aura can feel like a warm hug to those around you.  It radiates outwards, seeking things to draw into your awareness for you to react to.  This explains your strategy of waiting to respond – your sacral is like a magnet pulling things towards you.  Trust that all that’s meant for you will come your way without you having to make things happen.  Remember to listen to that gut voice to know if something is for you.

Note – Manifesting Generators – you will also have this aura type and may also experience the Manifestor aura.  You’re here to attract things into your energy field with that lovely enveloping aura – remember this the next time you want to hustle or force things to happen!  Tap in to your authority (sacral/emotional/splenic) to feel into whether something is right for you.


Instead of diffusing outwards, your aura is more laser beam-like (like a Projector screen) which is why you can so clearly see and understand others.  This also explains your strategy of waiting for the invitation, as penetrating someone’s aura without permission can feel like an attack.  Show the world who you are and what matters to you without any expectation, and wait for the invitations to pour in.


Your aura may feel like it is turned inwards with a harder shell around.  This shell protects your rare gift of being able to initiate and create.  This also explains your strategy of needing to inform others of your ideas and plans, otherwise there’s a repellent quality to your aura that brings resistance into your life.


Your aura is said to be resistant and sampling.  Your undefined centres are constantly ‘tasting’ the world around you, plus there’s a Teflon-like quality to your aura to protect your openness (hence security guard at a buffet!).  This explains your strategy to wait it out when making important decisions, so you know what’s you and what’s not.


I’d love to know whether this resonates with you!