King Charles Human Design chart

Energy Type

King Charles III has a very different energetic blueprint compared to late mother.  Queen Elizabeth II was perhaps one of the most famous Projectors of our time.  The role of a Projector is to guide others with a view of refining bettering what already exists.

As a Generator, King Charles thrives when his time is spent doing what he loves.  He is known for his infectious energy and enthusiasm for his passion projects – the environment, sustainability, organic farming and such.

Generators are the Duracell bunnies of the world, and, true to his design, it’s said that he works until midnight.  When a Generator focuses their energy on what really lights them up, they can work all day and sleep soundly as soon as their head hits the pillow.  However, when they spend their time doing things out of a sense of duty, it drains their life force.

Useful clues that a Generator is out of alignment with their design are feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction and annoyance (#PenGate anyone?!).

In his first address to the nation, King Charles admitted:

My life will of course change as I take up my new responsibilities.  It will no longer be possible for me to give so much of my time and energies to the charities and issues for which I care so deeply.

Could this obligation to constitutional duties affect his mood and health?  Time will tell…

Personality profile

Let’s look at his personality profile – a 4/6.  Known as ‘The Regal Authority figure’, people with this profile are born to be at the centre of their sphere.  The number 4 represents how he sees himself – he has a need to connect deeply with people.  The relationships within his inner circle are what matter to him the most.  The 6 line is how he is seen by the world – as someone who has learned from life experience and has become a ‘role model’.  People with a 4/6 profile often have a battle between their head and heart.  It’s not a matter of choosing one over the other, more so getting them to work in harmony.

The Queen’s personality profile was 5/1; when the greater number is first, it denotes a transpersonal karma.  Her life purpose was activated by serving others.  The 5/1 profile has the energy of ‘saviour for the masses’.  People projected onto her that she was someone who could ‘save the day’; this is why she will be a tough act to follow.  (Side note: Next in line to the throne, Prince of Wales also has a 5 line in his profile.).

FILE – Prince Charles is seated next to the Queen’s crown during the State Opening of Parliament, at the Palace of Westminster in London, May 10, 2022. Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the opening of Parliament amid ongoing mobility issues. Prince Charles has been preparing for the crown his entire life. Now, that moment has finally arrived. Charles, the oldest person to ever assume the British throne, became king on Thursday Sept. 8, 2022, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, Pool, File)

Defined/undefined centres

Unlike the Queen, Charles has an undefined solar plexus.  This indicates that when alone, he is cool, calm and collected.  However, when around others he can absorb and amplify their emotions.  People with an undefined solar plexus have the potential to be amazing empaths – or they might come across as drama queens!  As he does not have a defined solar plexus but does have a defined sacral centre, this gives him sacral authority.  In other words, his body’s way of guiding him to a correct decision is gut instinct.

Apart from his undefined solar plexus, the only other undefined centre is his crown, which is totally open.  Undefined/open centres lack the energetic buffer of a defined centre and create susceptibility to external conditioning.  Through his open crown centre, he will pick up and amplify other people’s questions and doubts.  He may feel pressure to know things and have the answers.

Unlike most of the population, and in common with many world leaders, he has a defined heart centre.  This suggests someone with strong willpower and consistent drive.

The combination of defined sacral and heart centres suggests that he has the endurance and determination to achieve what he sets out to do.

Defined channels

10 57 – This channel indicates a creative – He is here to create what he loves and has an intuitive sense of what is needed in the future.

23 43 – Often people with this channel are innovators.  Known as the Genius – Freak channel – He has a clear way of expressing his unique genius; depending on the audience, he can come across as either a genius or a freak!

26 44 – This channel points to someone who knows what the people around them need to thrive.

3 60 – People with this channel are here to bring something unique into the world and be a force for change.

Incarnation cross RAX Explanation 4

This is a combination of gates that identifies someone’s soul purpose.  The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 4 (43-23 / 4-49) carries a very revolutionary energy.  He is here to share his innovative visions for the future to help society evolve.

In summary, King Charles’ Human Design indicates a person with the energetic blueprint to radically change society for the better.  Let’s see if he lives out his dharma!

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