The Essential Human Design reading is a personalised product with a turnaround of 1 week.

What you will receive:

Your Essential Human Design reading is a written report that will help you to understand:
  • Energy type - How your energetic body interacts with the world.
  • Strategy - The most effective way to take action based on your energy type.
  • Authority -  Your body's wisdom that gives you clarity on decisions that are right for you.
  • Self vs Not self - Easy ways to know whether you're in alignment with your design.
  • Centres/Chakras - Where you're energetically receiving vs where you put out energy into the world.
  • Personality profile - How you see yourself compared to how the world sees you.
After reading your written report, you can book a Zoom meeting where I'll go over each aspect of your design and you can ask questions to gain clarity.