New Year Holistic Wellness Offer


Have the Christmas holidays left you feeling sluggish and sad this January?  Perhaps you’ve decided to invest in your well-being in 2024?

Kick start your health and wellness with this very special offer, available until 26th January 2024.

Over the course of 3 months, you will receive monthly 1 hour reflexology sessions, plus a bespoke tincture to support your health goals.

Treatments take place in the Garden Room at Street Farm House, Canterbury CT3.

Start now and feel lighter and brighter by Spring!




Reflexology is an effective holistic treatment that can help bring your mind and body back into balance.  Gentle pressure is applied to specific points on the feet, hands or face that correspond to different parts of the body.

Why you should invest in reflexology:

There are many research-backed benefits of reflexology:

  • It can help you manage your stress levels and cope with anxiety
  • It may encourage better sleep patterns and more restful sleep
  • Reflexology may have a beneficial effect on the effects of perimenopause and menopause
  • It can support acute and chronic pain management
  • Reflexology has been shown to enhance well-being in people with chronic health conditions

Although you will likely feel better after just one session of reflexology, 3-6 sessions are recommended to really see a difference.

For faster results, you will also receive a personalised tincture to spray under the tongue 3x daily.  This works on 3 levels – it has a physical action to support detoxification organs, it feeds your cells with micronutrients and it works synergistically with the reflexology to support healing.

So if you would love to feel lighter & brighter by Spring, book your package now!



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