As a society, we have lost the deep connection that our ancestors had with nature.  But it doesn’t take much to remember.  For example, how to you feel when the sun’s warming rays touch your face?  Or when you see an open fire flicker and dance?

Summer Solstice is an opportunity to express joy and gratitude for the abundance in our lives.  To be thankful for everything we already have, especially in terms of our health and that of our loved ones.  It’s a chance to reconnect with nature, to feel a part of everything around us.

Here are seven simple ways you can honour the Solstice this year.

1.      Wake up with the sunrise

2.      Spend time grounding in nature

3.      Create a mandala using plant material

4.      Watch the live streaming of sunrise and sunset from Stonehenge

5.      Light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude

6.      Reflect on the past six months & set your intentions for the next six months

7.      Gather with friends around an open fire

How will you be celebrating the Solstice?