Are you on a journey of self-discovery?    Whether you’ve just left full-time education, are at a career crossroads, feel lost after having children or you’ve recently retired, it’s common to find yourself asking

“Who am I and what do I want out of life?”

The Human Design system is an objective lens through which you can see yourself as you are.  Unlike personality tests, results are fixed and won’t change dependent on your mood that day.

Your Human Design chart is based on three bits of information.  Your birth date, time and place.  It reveals your unique energetic coding.  No two designs are the same!


Personal growth

Here’s the paradox about personal growth; it begins when you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are.  When you first discover your Human Design chart, it can bring a sense of relief.  You finally realise that you’re not stupid, or lazy; just differently wired!

If you’re new to Human Design, a great place to start is to learn about your energy type (don’t know yours?  Click here to find out for free).

5 Human Design energy types

The population is made up of 5 different energy types that each have a specific way of interacting with the world.  Some types are more common than others.

  • 35% of people are Generators.  They have a defined sacral centre.
  • 35% of people are Manifesting Generators.  They have a defined sacral PLUS a *motorised throat centre.
  • 20% of people are Projectors.  They have no defined sacral and can have as few as 1 defined centre or as many as 8 defined centres.
  • 9% of people are Manifestors.  They have a motorised throat centre BUT NO defined sacral.
  • 1% of people are Reflectors.  They have no defined centres at all.

* In Human Design there are 4 motor centres; the sacral centre, the root centre, the ESP centre and the heart centre.  Manifesting Generators and Manifestors will have one of these centres connected to the throat centre.

What does each energy type in Human Design mean?

Curious to know what makes each type special?  There’s a simple way to find out.  It’s all in the name!

Generators – You are here to create and share life force energy by ONLY saying yes to things you love.

Manifestors – You are here to initiate and bring things into existence.

Manifesting Generators – Your fusion of creative energy (Manifestor) and work ethic (Generator) means you’re into all the things, often all at once!

Projectors – You are here to see others clearly & guide on how to be most efficient.

Reflectors – You are here as a mirror for humanity to show us how we’re doing.

It’s thought that each energy type has a unique energetic field.

Generators and Manifesting Generators have an open and enveloping aura that draws people in like a magnet.

When you’re doing what you love, you create an overflow of life force energy that is mega attractive.  When you’re engrossed in a passion project or talking about what you love, you seem to glow and people can’t get enough of you!

Projectors have a piercing aura that focuses on other people.

Your whole vibe is to be here as a guide for others, and your piercing aura allows you to see into other people.  Have you always been someone that other people turn to when they need advice?  You’re a good judge of character; you can see people’s truth whether they speak it or not!

Manifestors have a strong and repellent aura.

You have the ability to initiate without needing other people, so your aura is like a protective shield that gives you space to bring your innovative ideas into the world.  You may have always felt like other people don’t get you, or find you too much. Know that not everyone will like you – and that’s okay!

Reflectors have a sampling aura.

As you have no definition in any of your energy centres, you take in and absorb information from your environment.  This makes you very sensitive to your environment.  Not happy?  Change your surroundings!  It also makes you chameleon-like.  You can be like a different person every few days!

Each Human Design energy type is equally important and necessary

Knowing your Human Design energy type can help you accept yourself as you are.  It stops you comparing yourself to other people.  After all, how can you compare yourself when you’re meant to be different?  Understanding how your energy type works can lead towards more ease and peace in your life.

AND…  When each person lives in harmony with their energy type, we can thrive as a society. 

What’s your Human Design energy type?  Does it resonate with you?