Human Design New Year

You may be wondering why I’m 3 weeks late! The energetic start of the year for me is more aligned with the lunar new year & the Human Design rave mandala.

From a Human Design perspective, the New Year begins when the Sun enters gate 41 – known as ‘The Gate of Contraction’.  It’s found at the Root centre and you can think of it as that final contraction that results in birth.  Prior to this, we’re still in an energetic void.

This is why it rarely works to set New Year’s resolutions on January 1st. You don’t have the energetic support of nature – you’re not expected to be moving forward at this time!

Add to this the retrograde activity of the two planets responsible for action (Mars) and communication (Mercury), it’s very likely you’ve been feeling like you’ve been wading through treacle.

Fresh beginnings

Following the new moon over the weekend, you will start to feel as the fog is lifting. You can finally look ahead to the coming year with clarity and excitement!

Be gentle with yourself and move forward into the year from a place of kindness and compassion for where you are now.

Consider setting intentions rather than goals – the difference being that intentions focus on growth rather than success or failure. 

See yourself as good enough already.  Make the focus to be more you rather than to change yourself to fit in with society’s idea of who you should be!  With the Sun in gate 41, you are called to tap into your imagination and dream big.  Remember – you are a powerful co-creator; everything that exists was once a thought!

Ready to move forward?

If you feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are, book in for a Human Design reading that will reveal who you are underneath the noise.  From 1st February the price will increase to £150, so take advantage of the lower fee while you can!  Payment plans/pay later available.